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Friday, 3 March 2017

Makeup- My first reaction

Hey chickens,
Now the title of this blogpost will probably make no sense to you but I didn't really know how else to put it. So basically what I was trying to put in the title is that I'm going to take makeup (High end or low end) that I don't own and give my first impressions on it. I will take reviews out of that I've seen and just what my opinion is on them without trying them. Also, because I don't know to much about copyright, I'm not going to be putting pictures of the products in but I will leave some links for the products.

Too Faced Sweet Peach eye-shadow palette-
This palette looks so pretty. It has some really nice peachy colours, bronzes and neutral colours. I feel like this palette would be good for all year round and that it's a palette that has different types of colours so you could get so much use out of it for different looks. From what the description is on Mecca, it has some matte shades and some shimmer shades. I don't know how strong the peach scent of it is, but I reckon the scent wouldn't be that strong. The packaging of this palette is so cute, it's like ombre orange and it has little pictures of peaches on it.
Too Faced website-

Urban Decay Vice lipstick
I think that there are 100 of these lipstick so for the purpose of the blogpost I've chosen a couple of colours to focus on just so its a bit easier than giving my impression on 100 lipsticks. The first lipstick that I think is really pretty is in the shade 'Criminal'. This lipstick is meant to be matte and actually its called a comfortable matte which I do have some matte lipsticks in my collection and they are quite drying and don't feel very well comfortable so I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that these matte lipsticks are comfortable. The colour of Criminal looks like a dusty rose. The second shade is 'Disobedient'. This shade is very similar to Criminal but Disobedient looks a few shades darker. This lipstick has a cream finish and honestly, I don't know what a cream finish is but I imagine that its quite and quite moisturising. both lipsticks look like they have great pigmentation from the swatches I've seen and the packaging is very sophisticated.
Urban Decay website-

Australis Show some cheek blush-
I have seen this blushes in shop and done some swatches on my hand so I have a bit more information that is a fact. I personally prefer the colours 'Dreamy' and 'Cameo'. Dreamy is more of a coral pink and its just a really pretty blush colour. When I swatch it, it was a peachy, coral pink and honestly I thought it was very pretty. Cameo is the complete opposite. It is more pink and the swatch I got of it was more of like a mauve. All the colours look like very natural blush colours except for the colour 'Sinful'. It's looks like a fairly dark pink and I am quite pale so dark blush, contour and highlight colours don't look the best on my skin.
Australis website-

Just to quickly add before I finish up this post, this is my 200 post. Like honestly, I probably post way too many blogposts but oh well, I love posting for you guys. I have been thinking about doing a giveaway so if you guys want that let me know
Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you so much for reading this post and for you fantastic support, it is truely amazing. I will try and come up with a different name for these types of blogposts but yeah. Hopefuly you enjoyed this post, maybe you even own some of these products. I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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