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Friday, 7 April 2017

Easter spring cleaning

Hey chickens,
Earlier this week (like Tuesday and Wednesday) I have been giving my room a very detailed clean (not that my room was messy) and just organising everything. Your probably thinking, Emma what does this have anything to do with Easter. Well.... In America it is currently Spring and I read on some website that they give their house a 'Spring clean' in the Spring (I don't know if that is true or not). Even though it's Autumn in Australia I thought, right lets give my room a clean and that's the back story to this blogpost.
Basically this blogpost will be what I did when I was Spring/Autumn cleaning and how you can do some Spring/Autumn cleaning.

What I thought I would start off with was getting every thing organised before actually cleaning. I put things into piles of their category before I decided what to do with them. Once each item had been put into a pile, I put each category into a shoe box and then I put those shoe boxes into a box that I had all of the items in before. 
I am totally the type of person that likes little knick-knacks so instead of just trying to put them into places I took all of my knick-knacks and sorted out which ones went with what. Then I added them into my little decoration things around my room. I also put a few special ones on my bed side table.
This next thing is something that I should actually do on a regular basis and that is cleaning all the lids and stuff of my makeup because heaps of product can get around the part you squeeze it out of and its a bit disgusting. I also cleaned my makeup brushes because they were due for a clean. 
I also organised all of my vanity and made sure that everything was back in its place because it was looking a bit tragic.
All of my stationary was sorted through- making sure that all of my pens, highlighters etc were working and all my pencils were sharpened. I went through my random pieces of paper (which were sorted out) and my notepads got neatly put away
For the cleaning part I just mostly cleaned while I was organising but I just made sure that everything was neat, tidy and in it's place.  
A few months ago I went through all of my clothes and donated so many of them so I didn't donated anymore clothes but I would suggested going through your clothes because there are always a few items that you know you haven't worn in months or don't fit anymore.  

Tips for Spring Cleaning-
  • Don't try and squish things into places- it just makes the area look too stressful 
  • Put your items into categories 
  • When going through your clothes don't say to yourself, oh I'll save this for going out because you never do end up wearing it
  • Think to yourself have I worn this in the last 2 months when you are sorting through your clothes
  • Don't try and made your space cluttered
  •  When your using a box, label it 
  • Don't try and fit to many things into a box
Also have fun while your Spring cleaning. Don't make it stressful because them you became stressed and it's not fun. Also don't try and fit it into one day, give yourself some time to do it properly.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, it means so much to me and all of your support is actually amazing. I just love anything and everything you do. I'm hoping you enjoyed this post, I just thought I would made it, comment down below if you liked it. I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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