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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Melbourne Flower Show 2017

Hey chickens,
So yesterday I went to the Melbourne Flower show and I had a really nice day so I thought why not make a blogpost on it to share with you guys. If you don''t happened to know what the Flower show is it's basically an event in the Carlton Gardens and it has all pretty flowers and stalls with plants flowers and garden decoration and tools for sale. Then in the Royal Exhibition Building they have dresses that people have made out of flowers and little displays that people have made out of flowers.

In the Royal Exhibition Building they had all of these small little displays that I personally found very cute. I had about 4 or 5 that I really liked but I thought I would only share 2 with you guys because I have a few photos that I wanted to share.

 Also sorry that the pictures have a bit of a funny colour to them it was the lighting in the building and my phone just didn't really like each other so yeah.

The first display I really like because it's just really pretty even though it has like a feel of a messy old garden, it's put in a way where it looks right. The reason why I like the second one is because of the really bright purple and yellow flowers, plus its a bloody taco. Like it's a flower taco. who couldn't like that.

Than they had this achievable garden section and as pretty as the garden designs were they were not very achievable. There was one garden and I didn't get a photo of it but it was just a bunch of plants everywhere. They had this Japanese garden that I really like and I got this nice photo of a little display in the garden. They also had a hobbit hole, like come on, it was really cool and I love it. The person that already created the garden had a sword from the Hobbit/ Lord of the rings and the ring. Another garden that they had that I liked had stones leading up to like a chair made out of sticks.

Then the next few photos are just kinda random things. I saw these very pretty purple and white flowers on display. Than inside the building there was this display of these small red roses hanging from something and I loved it. Then I saw this massive display of pumpkins that I loved because who doesn't like pumpkins. Than I got a new best friend- Mr pigeon. I also saw these weird stick insect things and honestly I don't understand how people could walk around like that all day.

Also just quickly a funny story about the day. Basically I thought it would it would be a good idea to wear these 2-3 cm heeled boots. They aren't actually heels but they are boots that have a pretty big heel for me. My feet were so sore from wearing these boots all day and my feet are still kind of sore now the next day but yeah, one of the worst ideas I've had in my life.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you so much for reading this blogpost, I really do hope you enjoyed it. I'm so sorry for not posting a blogpost in ages but thank-you for the support that you have continued to still give me, you're all just bloody awesome. I love you all to Saturn and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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