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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Product Review- Rimmel March launches

Hey Chickens,
Now, I got sent these three products from Rimmel about two or three weeks ago and have not had the time to write this blogpost but that did mean I had a while to test them out. The three products that I received were the Scandal Eyes Reloaded waterproof mascara, the Brow This Way eyebrow styling gel and the Waterproof Scandal Eyes Bold Liquid liner.

Scandal Eyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara-

 I love the original Scandal Eyes Reloaded mascara so I was very happy to try out the waterproof version. This mascara I love just as much. It applies nicely on your eyelashes and doesn't get clumpy on your eyelashes. The mascara wand is only a tad slimmer than the original Scandals Eyes Reloaded. The mascara has up to 24 hour wear, I don't know if it does last up to 24 hours because I haven't had a reason to wear mascara for 24 hours but it does last up to 12 hours. The mascara doesn't come off when water is applied so it is actually waterproof and it does come off with a normal makeup remover very easily. I used three different products to see how the mascara come off. First I tried make-up removing wipes and they worked quite good, I didn't have to rub my eye and majority of the mascara came off. Using a normal makeup remover liquid work really good, but using a makeup remover that was especially for waterproof mascara worked best.

Brow This Way Eyebrow Styling Gel-

Quick little story about this paragraph. I wrote about 8 or 9 lines about this product and was happy with what I wrote, then my laptop decided to start highlighting things and so I started to click and delete basically the whole paragraph. I hate technology ;)
I love this product. Now, Rimmel already has this product but they are re-releasing it because they have now added in argain oil into the product. I don't know what the original product was like but the version with argain oil gives you such a natural look on your eyebrows. If you are like me and like your eyebrows to look more on the natural side this product would be good to try because if you just use this gel your eyebrows look a lot more natural than using a powder. Also you can build the gel up with powder and gel in a pot and that is what I like to do because I personally like how it looks. This product does have quite a thick wand/applier thing so it's more suitable for people with thicker brows, but you could still use the gel if you had thinner brows. This gel is very easy to remover with any type of makeup remover.

Scandal Eyes Bold Liquid Liner-

I have no idea if Rimmel London already has this product or if it is a new one, so sorry if you needed or wanted that information. Basically, I'm horrible at eyeliner, I can not do it but I hadn't tried a liquid liner so when I got this I was like, oh, I might be able to do eyeliner now. The little nob (I couldn't think of another word for it) does make it very easy for beginners or people like me that or horrible at eyeliner. But nah, seriously it does make it easier than using a felt tip (again, I can't think of words tonight) or pencil eyeliner. The eyeliner is waterproof and you do have to let it dry for around 5 minutes but after that it is waterproof and it comes off with no trouble at all using any type of makeup remover. It stains very easily on clothes so be careful when applying- I learnt that the hard way :). The liquid liner claims to last up to 24 hours but I can't say if that is true or not because I've only worn it at home when I'm playing around with makeup.

I just want to quickly add this into the blogpost. I'm honestly annoyed with myself that I'm not getting blogposts up, like this is a goal for my in April because I love blogging so much and I do not want to neglect this blog at all and in no means do I want to stop blogging. I'm currently on holidays and I'm planning on having a day tomorrow of writing blogposts because I have about 25 blogpost ideas on the notes app on my phone.
Apart from that, how has everyone been? I hope you have all been good. Right now, for the people that are in school, you are either on school holidays or this is your last week of Term 1. If you are on school holidays, I hope you are enjoying them, if this is your last week of term, you only have 2 days left so power through.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost and for your awesome support, I'm so grateful for anything you do. Also thank-you to Rimmel London for sending me these products. Hopefully you enjoyed this blogpost, I'm not to sure if these products are available yet but I do recommend all of them. I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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