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Sunday, 16 April 2017

What I love about Easter

Hey Chickens,
Happy Easter everyone!
I thought I would post this blogpost tonight because it's kinda relates (I literally couldn't think of any other way to word it). Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a 'What I got for Easter/my day, so this blogpost won't really have much detail about that, but I did have a really good day. Just quickly before I start, I've never really done a 'Get to know me' post, so within these next few weeks, I'll get a blogpost like that up.

I'm not religious or anything, so Easter for me is just getting chocolate really, but I do know what Easter actually is. I do honestly love Easter though because it's more chilled than Christmas and you get chocolate.
Reason why Easter is the shit-

  • You get free chocolate 
  • All the pretty and shinny wrappers the Easter eggs come in 
  • The pastel colours that are used for Easter things
  • The rabbit stuffed toys 
  • The Easter decorations in general 
  • The weather- In Australia its Autumn so Easter is usually sunny but not hot 
  •  Chocolate again 
  • Spending time with my family
  • And last but not least the movie Hop
This blogpost was quite short because I only put the reasons why in dot points- If I didn't, we would have been here quite a while :)
But you will get one more Easter blogpost tomorrow or tomorrow night

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you ever so much for reading this post and for all of your support, it's all just awesome. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you had a nice day whatever you did. I love you all to Pluto and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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