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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Pop Vinyl collection

Hey chickens
So I wasn't too sure about this blogpost because I didn't know if it would be interesting or not but I'm going to do it because why not. Basically if you don't know what Pop Vinyls are, they are small like 10 cm high little character figures. Basically, they come in a box and are like a collectable thing and there are limited editions ones and they also have them for about every t.v show and movie you can think of but lets get started.

I actually only own three Pop Vinyls and they are all from The Walking Dead. I own a Carl, Carol and a Shane Pop Vinyl. I actually love these for decoration and I know some people keep them on a bookshelf, I have two put on a bookshelf of mine, but I think that they are really cute and cool to just put around your room, but anyway I'm going to introduce you to my collection.
Also just quickly, the eyes on these things are creepy as, like big black eyes, something out of Coraline and the detail on these things are insane. Also sorry that I had to use the flash when I took a picture of the box, there was a reflection of the box and you couldn't see the figure properly and you could kinda see my face. And sorry for literally starting every sentence with also.

Carol Peletier 156-
The detail of the hair on this at the back with where the hair ends has the greatest detail and the clothes have bloody good detail for a little figure. I find this one a little bit more creepier because the head is tilted and those big black eyes, ugh. She also has a little gun in her hand and a knife in her belt.

Carl Grimes 388-
Now, this actually took me forever to figure out but the coat thing that Carl is wearing is actually from an episode in Season 6 and Carl and a few other people have to put zombie guts on a sheet to walk through a bunch of walkers, I thought it was a poncho but it's not. On the actual sheet you can see like little bumps from the guts but yeah. Again, the detail of the shoes and hat is insane for a little figure.

Shane Walsh 369-
This Pop Vinyl was a limited edition one, so I did find it quite hard to get my hands on because only so many were being made and it was fairly expensive. I haven't taken it out of the box because it is limited edition and yeah. From what I can tell the detail is very precious with the buttons and pockets. He also has a little gun in his hand.

Basically, I just thought I would add this little bit at the end to explain why I have literally been like  gone for the past 20 odd days. Now, I have actually been doing blog things, like I've been planning blogposts and taking pictures for blogposts but yeah. I know I always say this but I have been so busy recently with school and I have also been really sick. I briefly mentioned this on an Instagram post but to sum up what I said, I just want take the time to do all my assignments for school properly and then write my blogposts properly. I don't want to be putting in half the effort in my school assignments and then the other half for my blogposts, I want to be putting 100 percent into everything.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost and for your support that you keep on giving, even when I'm not to active on my blog and social media, it is actually really nice of you and it makes me feel really nice that people don't just bail when I don't post as much. I hoped you enjoyed this post, maybe you will go and check out these Pop Vinyls or other ones from your favourite movie or t.v show. I love you all to Neptune and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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