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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Happy First of June

Hey chickens,
I haven't posted a blogpost in about 11 days but that does not mean I have been slacking off. I've taken photos for my Instagram and for some reviews. I have also been testing out some new Rimmel products this week- a new mascara and a brow powder thing. 

Now, it is literally the sixth month already, like it;s half way through the year. I will admit, I didn't post that much in May but June is gonna be my month. I have heaps a good blogpost planned- reviews, hauls, chit chats and wishlists. This month I am planning on posting at least once a week and I will be trying to pre-write blogposts on the weekends. The long weekend next week will help me write blogposts because I'll have an extra day to do blog things.

I actually don't know when this came out, it may have been today but it is the new Google cricket game thing. I am like actually obsessed with it even though I couldn't be any worse at it than I already am. I also love the game on Google when you don't have Wifi and it's a bug and you have to press the spacebar to jump over the objects.

This blogpost turned a bit strange but at least it is something.
Sadly, our time has come to and end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, it means so much to me when you guys read my blogposts. I am also so thankful for all of your support, it is just bloody amazing. I hoped you enjoyed this blogpost even know it was quite short. I love you all to Jupiter and back but until next time, bye.
Em blogs signing off

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