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Friday, 7 July 2017


Hey Chickens,
Now, today marks a very special day. Today marks the day of my two year blogging anniversary. Yep, that's right, I have been blogging on this very blog for exactly two years. When I sat down on my bed a few days ago with my blogging book to start brainstorming and planning ideas for this post, it made me realise that these past two years have gone so quickly and in that time I have become a hole different person, I have achieved things, I have overcome personal things and I've meet some pretty cool people over the internet. I also thought that if I didn't start blogging, what would my life be like now, what would I be like now?

Over these past two years I have been so lucky too have 4,775 people look at my blog like that is honestly such a huge amount of people that have looked at my blog and from where the people are from is like from all over the world.
United States- 2255
Australia- 1420
France- 387
United Kingdom- 149
Portugal- 147
New Zealand- 97
Russia- 76
Germany- 44
Canada- 37
Poland- 27
Like honestly looking at those stats is like ridiculous because I live in Australia and that is such a wide range of people from across the whole globe and over two years 4,775 people have looked at my blog and imagining that man people all together in my head is mind blowing.
Going over to my Instagram I have 1,474 followers which is again a quite big amount of people that are following me and liking my pictures. I also have 153 posts (154 after I post this).

Thinking about blogging and what I've been doing with my spare time for 2 years (which is blogging) it has made be realise that I'm a complete different person to who I was when I started this. When I started blogging I would have been 11 because my birthday is at the end of the year and even though I was in year 6 when I started and I'm now in year 8 I have changed a lot in how I think about things a react to them. Your probably thinking, Emma a 13 year old is of course going to think differently to an 11 year old but I've gotten more confidence, in my appearance I've changed, how I approach money and look at money is very different, I feel like I appreciate things more and I don't feel like I need as much stuff. Saying this, I can't prove that blogging has made these things change within me but when I started blogging in year 6 I did get more confident after that. Also thinking that maybe if I didn't start blogging or if I stopped blogging I might not be who I am now and where I am now and that kinda scares me.

I started watching YouTube and stuff in year 5 and I still do so but back then when I would watch YouTube, I would feel sorry for the Youtubers if one of their videos didn't get as many views as they would have liked but now I actually get really annoyed. The reason why I get annoyed is because they are all supposed to be about their viewers but they are just getting caught up in all the numbers, it's the same with some of my fellow bloggers. They will post on their Instagram that they are losing followers and it kinda breaks my heart because they are getting caught up in the numbers and it is not  a nice thing to get caught in, I know myself. That brings me to what I want to talk about, a few times now I have thought about quiting blogging because a blogpost I worked so hard on only got 10 views but now I am way past that and I don't care about the numbers because I sat myself down and make me think everything through and that included going back to my very first blogpost and reading it and it says 'I'm just doing this for fun' and those are words I live by to this day. I don't care about views or if I don't get over 20 likes on a Instagram post because I'm doing this for me and if people are interested in it, it is a bonus. Also don't get me wrong, I appreciate any like or any view that you guys give, I just don't get upset anyone if it isn't a big number.

I'm honestly so grateful for this blog and for you guys. This whole website and my Instagram and receiving packages from Coty of Rimmel London products is just so mind blowing sometimes because I have all of this in my life. I am also so lucky to have all this in my life and to be able to have all of this in my life.
Now, with that all being said to go along with my 2 year blogging annivsary, I have decided to add some things to my blog, I was going to refesh it all but I really like the colours of my blog so I kept it the way it is and just added some new things to them so make sure to follow my blog and take my polls.

Now, I don't want to make this post all about me, so to you guys because you deserve it. Thank-you so (Insert F word) much for everything you do, not even just me. For anyone blogger, Youtuber and just anyone who has something on the internet, Thank-you so much for your support to anyone because of you, your favourite Youtubers are getting paid, because of you, some people are continuing to do something and because of you, well, your just making a huge difference in someones life, whoever it is, but it someone.
Also just quickly before I finish this off, in my last post I said I wasn't a fan of Metallica but I pre-wrote that like a month ago and that has changed now. I have to say that I am a fan of Metallica.
Over all within 2 years I have published 218 (219 after this) and have posted 153 (again, 154 after this) Instagram posts.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this special post for my 2 year blogging anniversary, just all and any of your support means so much to me. You guys are all so bloody amazing, just remember that. I hoped you enjoyed this post, hopefully it isn't too long to read. I love you all to Mercury and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

Happy two year blogging annivsary too myself !!!!! :)

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  1. Wow Em! 2 years of blogging is amazing<3 I totally get you with the whole idea of changing since you started blogging. I was 9 when I started blogging and now I'm a totally different 13 year old!