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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Comic Con Melbourne 2017

Hey Chickens,
Now, I know I said this would be up Sunday and it is now Wednesday but in my defence, I have been fairly busy but still, I didn't stick to my word. I have also been sick and like it came on really quickly and it's shit but I haven't let it stop me.
But anyway....
If you are thinking, what the hell is Comic Con, well let me explain. It is a big convention which has cosplay, different actors come down to Australia to host pictures and autographs and there are panels with different people and there are all of these stalls with comics and pop vinyls and geek type stuff. This isn't only in Australia as well, it is all over America. Because I am the biggest geek ever and when I saw Comic Con way earlier in the year I was like, Mum, we need to go to this and well, I was very lucky and my Mum took me. 

Now, I did buy a few things so I will share those with you but this will mostly just be my day and different photos I took but lets get started.
What I brought-
I love pop vinyls which are little figures and I wanted to expand my collection so I decided to get a little Frodo Baggins one from Lord of the Rings. The only thing is, now that I have brought Frodo, I need Sam to go along with him.
I also brought an old Marvel superhero comic. I am not really into comics, I have never properly read one but I want to start collecting old comics and have a collection so I thought, why not start my collection at Comic Con.

My day at Comic Con-
I didn't actually dress up for Comic Con, but I did almost go as Negan from The Walking Dead but I thought, no, I'll be normal.
Before I even got into Comic Con I did two things. I went to Maccas to get some lunch then I went into the bathrooms at Crown because I needed to check my makeup and I also found some wild toilet paper. If you were wondering what I got at Maccas, I got a large frozen coke, 6 chicken (or whatever they are) nuggets and a small chips.

Then after my Mum and I got out tickets, we went into the main building where everything was and right in front of the door we walked into, there was a sword fight going on with cosplayers and it had like proper rules and everything but that was boring because they weren't being fun. Also just now, I'm charging my laptop while I'm writing this and I have managed to bend my laptop charger like the actual part you but into the laptop so um yeah, just thought I would update you. There was also a Just Dance station and this guy, this one guy is my spirit animal. He couldn't dance but he was like dancing to Katy Perrys, I kissed a girl and it was everything.
I also saw a baby Groot, and it was so cute, like if you don't know who baby Groot is, search him up now because there is nothing you can lose from that but anyway. I got a few photos with baby Groot. They also had a little wall with different statues of Star Wars characters so I got pictures with all of them and I also sat in this really comfy chair with people dressed up as stormtroopers on the side.

There was also this stand that had all of these amazing Lego creations, like these were insane they didn't even look like Lego. They had this one Star Wars one which was so cool, I don't even know how people can create these and there was also this castle and it was crazy insane. I didn't even look like Lego, it just look like a creation of some sort.

I went on the Saturday for this and I'm trying to keep my wristband on for the whole of the holidays and I have had like a few showers and two baths and I still have it one.
I'm actually quite concerned about my laptop charger so I'm hoping everything will be ok. My laptop is still charging so that is good, lets just hope it stays that way.
It is currently 12:48 am while I'm writing this and I'm going to try and write like 3 or 4 blogposts tonight. Also on Friday it is my two year blogging anniversary which I can't actually believe that it was been two years since I signed up to Blogspot and wrote my own post.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, it means so much to me that you read my posts because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know people actually care about what I am writing. I hoped you enjoyed this post, I wasn't trying to brag or anything, it was just for entertainment purposes and comment down below if you are/ have gone to a Comic Con. I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em blog signing off

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