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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Officeworks haul

Hey Chickens,
Most of us have one certain shop where if we walk into it you just know that you are going to walk out with something. For me, this is basically every single shop I like, so yeah. Now, I had saved up some money and went to Office works, brought things that I probably don't need but they are cute and I like them so oh well.

The first thing I got which was what I actually went in there for in the first place is a pen cup. This one is like a teal with the little & symbol in a natural colour and some fading with the natural colour.
The pen cup was $6.95

Then I got this little sticky note set, it is like a little aqua book that has five different types of sticky notes inside and overall it's just really cute and something that it will keep me organised while being stylish. The sticky notes inside are- one has 'Messages', one has 'Very important stuff', and the other has 'Lists for days'. The other ones or just small ones and bigger ones with a grid on it.
The sticky note book was $5.95

These next three things, I had absolute no purpose for them when I brought them but now I've got some ideas for them and I know what I'm going to end up doing with them when I'm putting my desk together. But I still do think that these Manilla folders are cute. One design is just plain white with gold metallic zig zags. The second one is a green/mint colour with a cute little white diamond patterns all over it. And the third one is white with different coloured blue patterns. 
Manilla folders were $1.95 each 

These next two notepads are for like listing and remember things and important notes. One has a grey border with 'Today is a new day' down at the bottom and the second one has a beige type colour border with a box and at bottom and 'Notes + Wishes' at the top.
Notepads were $5.95 each

This notebook has a funny story to go along with it. I was walking to the checkout and on the aisle hanger thing (you know the things the hang to put things at the end of the aisle) and I thought, this notebook has such a nice saying and I'll just get it because why not. It says 'Do something today that your future self will thank you for'. At the checkout when the woman was going to scan the item, there wasn't a bar code so she didn't charge me for the notebook so thanks to you woman that works at Officeworks but also the last time I went to Officeworks I had the same woman serve me and she was such a female dog, like what she said and stuff. I don't care if your tired and you want to get off work, that is not excuse for treating your customer badly, like don't do it. When I'm at school and it's the end of the term and I'm tired I can't just start being rude to teachers just because 'I'm tired'. Sorry for that little rant but some people just really annoy me.
With that being said, I don't know the price of this product.

Now, I don't now when this is going to be upload but I'm writing this before my two year blogging anniversary so I'm planing a whole big and long blogpost about my past two years like what I have achieved, what I've overcome through blogging and how I've changed as a person having my own platform on the internet.

Part of the reason why I went to Office works is because I'm currently doing over my room, like I'm getting new furniture, I'm getting a new bed and I'm also getting just new stuff for my room because I need a change. I'm also buying them with my own money (except for the bed) which is proving to be hard because I have to do jobs to get money but there is only so many jobs I can do.
Once I have gotten everything I'm going to do a massive blogpost about it but that won't be for a while.

Also, I'm not trying to brag or show off in anyway, shape or form, I just want to share with you guys what I have gotten and I never do mean any harm in any for my blogposts.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank you so much for reading this blogpost, it means a whole lot to me and so does any bit of your support, so thanks to you. I hoped you enjoyed this post, again, I'm not trying to brag, my intentions are good. I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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