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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Why you shouldn't listen to the media

Hey Chickens,
Before I even start the intro to this post I want to put it out there that this is my belief, you will have a different belief to me but I want to put this out there for people to read and understand how messed up the media can be.
This has come up from a certain event from today which was the Collingwood vs Adelaide AFL footy match today. Now, I do go for Collingwood and I'm not saying this because I'm bias this is how I view this situation. I also did believe all of this stuff and think all of this stuff about the media before the day, like I honestly don't really just the media.

At one point during the match, Collingwood had a 50 point lead against Adelaide. Then Adelaide came back and they had a draw. Most people would think that was good considering Adelaide was first on the ladder while Collingwood was thirteen.

This is how I viewed it-
Collingwood had a lead over Adelaide from the start then had a draw with the team that is on top of the ladder and that is good for a team who has lost a few matches this season.
This is how the media views it-
Adelaide came from a 50 point lead and they are so good and Collingwood is just shit because they didn't win.

And honestly I'm not joking, the newspaper and online articles will all say because they look at the bad from Collingwood. I watch the game on t.v and Collingwood players played really good all game but that doesn't matter because they lost a 50 point lead. I honestly see this as Collingwood being really good for drawing with the top team.
Also if Collingwood is so bad, why did they get a 50 point lead on the top team on the AFL ladder. Also if Adelaide is meant to be this good, why was Collingwood getting a 50 point lead on them and why didn't they just absolutely thrash Collingwood instead of drawing with them.

Even just right now watching 7 News, they are saying how Cillingwood just got in a draw yet it was Adelaide who did because they kick a goal after full time siren. Also the Adelaide guy who kick the goal after siren only just got it in.

Just to say again, this is my opinion, I am not being bias because I'm a Collingwood fan this was just an example and a spare of the moment thing that I wrote because I was really pissed off and I still am because of how the media is going to view this

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much if you read this far into the post, your all so amazing and super cool. I actually am so sorry about writing a post like this but I feel like you need to sometimes because the world isn't all sweet and people need to know that but with that being said please comment down below your opinions on this topic and even if you have hate against my opinion please comment it. I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

Also, I'm not going to do these posts all the time, I just really needed to get this off my chest and say this too the world. I think my next post is going to be a review or a makeup tutorial.

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