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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Winter clothing haul

Hey chickens,
I have literally been waiting to do this blogpost for ages because some clothes have been in the wash then others haven't and that is also why the lighting is different in every picture because most of them where taken on different days at different times but any. Also sorry if you see my leg or iPad in these pictures, except it. 

These items of clothing have been purchased over a big amount of time, like I got the bomber jacket and shoes in like March then I got the tops from Supre in like May, and I am not really sure why I wrote all of that but I felt like I needed to add it in. 
The way I am going to write this is go by the shop then have the item of clothing, the price of it and the picture but please bare with me because this is my first fashion type blogpost.

Rose gold/ dusty pink bomber jacket- $30 
This bomber jacket is quite thick and it has like this stuff inside it that makes it warm and comfy. I can't think of the name of what it is called. 

Blue and white flannel- $17
This flannie is so pretty, the blue and white just look so nice and the material of it isn't thick but it's not super thin either.  
Black and white flannel- $17
This flannie is just a basic black and white one, I actually already had a black and white flannie but it was in the middle of thick and thin and when I saw a thick flannie I just needed to have it because this winter is literally freezing

Denim shirt- $17
I love denim shirts, I think that they just look really nice and this one is so comfortable and you don't get to hot in it because it's not too thick but it does keep you warm

Red and black hooded flannel- $17
I have seen so many flannies with hoods on like Instagram and I really wanted one so I got so excited when I found ones of Kmart that also make you warm because it is thick material  

Imagine sweatshirt- $12
I honestly live in this sweatshirt, I actually ended up getting another one because I just loved them so much, they are so comfortable

Boots- $30
These boots are so great, I just love them. These boots just make me feel instantly super confident but DO NOT wear these for a long amount of time with a lot of walking, I had to learn that the hard way

Black jeans- $35
There isn't much to say about jeans except that they are not ripped, that is a massive tick and that I just really like to way target jeans fit and feel. I also got 2 pairs of these.

Red, blue and white flannel- $25
This flannie is very thin but I just really liked the colours together and how it looked. It is really nice to put underneath my denim jacket because it doesn't became to bulky.

Grey and salmon tees- $12
These tee-shirts are so comfortable and look nice with everything except my mum accidentally shrunk both of the tops so I mostly just wear them around the house but they are really nice and chill. They also have a tiny bit of a v-neck that goes down quite far. 

Grey, rose tee-shirt- $25
This goes for all of these tee-shirts but they are all so comfy but after one wash some of the stuff that sticks onto the tee-shirt started to come off and I was annoyed because I payed $25 for something that is falling after one wash, but it does fit nice and I do like this tee-shirt. It also goes really nice with a leather jacket

Metallica tee-shirt- $15
I am not a fan of Metallica, I have listened to 3 of heir songs and did not like them but I just like the colours of the tee-shirt. I also like how the tee-shirt is off white it makes it more nice

Skull tee-shirt- $15
This tee-shirt is so cute and I love the skull and how it has a pink flower crown and this looks really pretty and cute with a denim jacket.

Sorry if this blogpost isn't the best, this is my first time doing a fashion blogpost so there will be things that I can fix. Also sorry that this blogpost is so long, I didn't mean for it to be this long.
I was going to put the links for all of the items in this blogpost but I couldn't find some of them on their websites but you can probably find them if you really wanted one of these clothing items.

I am not trying to brag or show off in this blogpost, I just wanted to share the clothing items that I got for winter. This blogpost is sponsored in any way, shape or form and these were all brought with my own money.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, you are all amazing and the support you give is just so fantastic like you are all just super cool. I hoped you enjoyed this post, maybe you have some of these clothes or maybe you are going to get some of them. I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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