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Monday, 28 August 2017


Hey Chickens,
Happy Monday !!
How has everyone been? I hope you have all been good.
This blogpost is basically me ranting and getting stuff off my chest because I'm pissed off at the school system and legit like crushes and friends.

Right now I should be doing my homework that's due tomorrow, but fuck that because legit I am so sick of my teachers not giving us enough time to do things in class which means it's homework. Like, I do talk in class but I do my work and try and get it done but my god we'll get on lessons to get 12 questions done and it seems easy but when you have to write out every 5 line question and write at least 3 sentences, it takes a while. I'm grateful that I live in a country where I have access to the education system but honestly I go to a public school and most nights I'm doing 3 hours of homework at the least. I'm just really pissed off about the education system.

Basically I have this kinda crush on this guy in my friendship group. Now I told one friend who isn't in the group then I told 3 friends in the group about my crush on this guy. The guy I like, likes one of my friends in the group that I told and she is like one of my best-friends. The guy I like has a crush on my best-friend and everyone knows like it's an open thing but she doesn't like him back and that's an open thing as well. 
I hope that makes sense.
On the weekend the 3 friends I told, we went out shopping then went back to one of their houses. Then the girl I'm best-friends she called the guy and we were all talking to him then she and like one of my other best-friends starts asking him like oh would you date Emma and stupid stuff like that. Then today he was like oh what was Saturday about and me and my best-friend were already laughing at something else and then I was tryna act cool (wasn't going to well) and then my friends started saying to the guy you should date Emma and I'm like, deny, deny, deny and then my best-friend took a vote in our friendship group and like a fair few people said yeah we should. When my best-friend asked him today would you date Emma he said maybe but usually when I say maybe, it means no. He asked my best-friend like does Emma like me and she was so nice and said no and apparently he said I thought so, which like that aint true. 
This whole situation has me like all messed up because I do kinda like him but he likes one of my best-friends but my best-friend likes one of his friends and it's all really confusing but I'm hoping that makes sense- also it is a lot easier when you have names in it but anyway.

I will update you on Instagram if anything changes in this situation but yeah. I legit going to go lie in bed, grab a book and read because I'm so tired and today was stressful and I need to relax. I know this is all really self centred but I wanted to post for you guys and I thought why not this because you don't see stories like this all the time and I thought it might be relatable.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading taking the time out of your day or night to read this blogpost, it means so much to me, like you don't understand. I'll be posting regularly very soon in the future. I love you all to Mercury and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off 

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