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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Rimmel London Insta collection

Hey chickens,
Today's blogpost will be about Rimmel Londons new Insta range. They kindly sent me all of these products, two of them have already been out but there is three new products in this range. 
I know I've been really in and out these past four weeks, but legit, I've been so busy with school (like doing homework) that I've haven't had any time during the week and then on the weekends, I'm usually busy during the day then it gets to late to post a blogpost, but these aren't excuses, I will be trying to post through-out the week this week but lets get into reviewing some makeup.

Fix and Matte translucent powder-
This powder is really fine, it doesn't settle into your foundation so it doesn't create fine lines with your makeup. I wouldn't suggest building this product up because when I tried doing that, it make my face look really not blended properly and caused my foundation to crease around my eyes. I personally think this powder looks really nice to set underneath your eyes and my nose is oily so I used I tried just using on my nose and it worked really good. Although this is a prety good product, it does not beat my trusty Stay Matte by Rimmel. Also the powder has little hashtags marked into it, which is so cool

Fix and Go Setting spray-
This product actually came out a few months ago and a lot of people said that they had trouble with the actually part that the liquid comes out of, but I honestly disagree. I think that the part the liquid comes out of is really nice because it makes the spray really fine. This is also a 2-in-1 setting spray and primer so I thought, why not try it as a primer. I thought it did pretty good as a primer, my makeup did not last as long in areas like my nose where I'm really oily but apart from that I couldn't tell much difference. My advice on the setting spray part may not be too helpful because this is the first setting spray I've used but I think it makes my makeup look more fresh and it is really hydrating for your skin. It also smells really nice.
Flawless skin tint (I think that is what it's called)-
This product has also been out for a while and I actually really wanted to try it so I was excited to use it and legit, like this has changed my life. I'm actually thinking about swapping this over for my foundation because this is basically a tinted moisturiser and it looks so nice on your skin and it's so easy to blend. I love this also because it makes your skin look really bright. I got this is light to medium and I'm a fairly pale person if that is any help.

Conceal and Contour palette and Conceal and Correct palette-
When I saw the promo pictures for this mini palette and the Conceal and Correct one, I instantly knew I had to have these in my life. Then it hit me that these products are cream and cream products do not like to blend on my face, they just kinda stay there and look smudged. This little cream pans do not feel like a cream product, they blend so nicely and feel so light and nice on your face. I actually cannot express enough how nice these blend with a beauty blender (I used one from Kmart). This palettes and pretty small but the pan size is fairly decent and you get a fair bit of product in each one. The only problem I have with these palettes are that when you are putting your brush into the pan to get product, it spreads on the side- you'll see what I mean down below. Each product in these pans have really nice coverage and last for a long time. 

   The overall packaging for this collection is actually so cute, like all the writing is shiny pink and the actually thing the products are in is a really nice tan colour. It all just looks so nice in person and on a camera. I'm so grateful that these products were sent to me because they are all amazing in my opinion. Some of these products are a little bit pricey in my opinion but like most makeup is expensive. 

Thanks Rimmel London and Coty for sending me these products!

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this post, it means the absolutely world to me. I hope you enjoyed it, I know my last post was also a review but I promise sometime next week I'm going to be uploading an update type post. I love you all to Jupiter and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off 

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