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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Royal Melbourne Show 2017

Hey Chickens,
So Tuesday (26th of September) I attended the Royal Melbourne show with my Mum and Brother. 
This blogpost might be a little bit short compared to last years show post because I actually only brought showbags this year so I don't have a whole lot to share. But.. because I had money left there will be a haul coming tomorrow night on that.

Also can you guys believe this is my third blogpost for the Royal Melbourne show that I'm writing

Now, If you do not know what a showbag is then listen up because I've been told that it is only like an Australian thing. Basically a showbag is a themed bag that you pay between $2 and whatever the highest price is. For example, if you get a Flake showbag you pay $6 bucks and get flake chocolates.
The showbags I got were the: Flake, Twirl, Bertie Beetle and Furry Friends.
Furry Friends $6-
In this showbag you get a packet of furry friends, some freddo frogs and some dairy milk

Twirl $6-
In this showbag you get small twirls, a bigger twirl and some dairy milk

Flake $6-
In this showbag you get some small flakes and some dairy milk

Bertie Beetle $3-
In this showbag you get some bertie beetles, two kitkats and some lollipops

Rides and Food-
This year I went on some new rides and lets just say I got a bit scared :)
The rides I went on were-
Pirates Revenge
Crazy Coaster
Rock N Roll
The slide- basically like there is about 8 lanes and you slide down them
I did get my photo from the Crazy Coaster because my face is pretty funny, like I look so scared because I was. I was not going to go on The Beast because it actually goes horizontal and I want to keep my stomach but maybe next year.

I went and saw all of the animals and I was so excited when I saw an alpaca like, I was actually so excited and I got a photo of it which is currently my lock screen on my phone. Also there was these really cute ducklings and like honestly, I wanted to steal them all they were so cute and small.

The food at the show is always amazing, and legit I had dutch pancakes for my dinner, like come on, that's a pretty cool dinner. There was always things like hot jam donuts and chocolate strawberrys which are nice but the most amazing thing ever was this pulled pork burger and fried chicken that I had.
If you are going to go to the show, in front of the Masterchef building is all of these food vans and tables. Now, go to the food vans Willys World Famous fried chicken and BBQ and order the fried chicken and chips because you won't regret it and also go to Burnt City Smokers and get the pulled pork burger or something like that if you want to most amazing pulled pork, of your life.

I am not trying to brag in anyway, shape or form, I just wanted to share with you guys my day at the Royal Melbourne Show 2017 and these posts are always nice to look back on for me, just so I can be like, omg, I remember that.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading my Melbourne Show day out 2017. If you are/have gone to show this year, comment down below. I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe it gave you some ideas. I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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