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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Joe Weller and KSI fight press conference

Hey Chickens,
I know this happened like about a month ago but I've just been watching back Joe Wellers video and I felt like I needed to put this out there.
Before I start, I have never really been a fan of KSI so maybe because I'm a fan of Joe Weller I see Joe in the right but honestly this is how I see it and I really just want to get this out there because what KSI said really annoyed me.

This part was what really annoyed me and it was when KSI called Joe unstable and that he needs antidepressants to stay sane. Then he proceed to say, are you getting depressed. 
Mental Health, effects so many people and you can't call someone unstable because they have mental health. Being depressed is not being unstable, some people have depression from something happening and some people have depression because the wiring in their brain is just different but that does not mean they are unstable. 
Antidepressants help people living with depression to be able to live their everyday lives without having to force themselves to try and live their life without struggle. Any mental health that requires prescription medication does not mean that they need it to stay sane, like that is so messed up to say.

Also Joe Weller, did call KSI 20 stone, and look, I don't like or agree with body shaming like not all of us are sticks and skinny but I personally see that comment directed at KSI.
Also in KSI response video, he basically goes on about how he hates Joe Weller and his music and his channel but KSI goes on to mention that his fans are delusional, now, this really annoyed me because what does Joe Wellers fans have to do with your beef, like don't be calling me delusional.

My main problem with this press conference is KSI talking shit about mental health. Like, people do not chose to have mental health, like you don't press a button that says I want to have depression, I want to have anxiety. I do think that mental health is made to look like a beautiful thing on social media and I don't agree with that, like depression is not a fun thing, like I have a friend who has mild depression and some days he is so happy and energetic and other days he'll just look so sad and he loses that fun sense to him.

Anyway, look this is all in the moment what I am writing so I hope I didn't upset any of you, leave your opinion down in the comments below and yeah.
I love you all so much, I hope you're all doing great. Tomorrow nights blogpost is going to be a makeup look so be on the look out for that. Bye
Em blogs signing off

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