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Friday, 24 November 2017

1) Clothes wishlist- Jeans

Hey Chickens,
So basically I thought of this new blogpost series to do called clothes wishlist. In each blogpost I thought I could do a different item of clothing like one could be jeans, then denim jackets, then leather jackets, then tops- you get what I mean.
So I'm going to be doing Jeans in this blogpost but anyway, lets get started. 

These jeans have like flower embroidery down the side of the leg and it is like a dark navy blue embroidery color of thread and they just look so nice. They are cuffed at the bottom but I can get over that, it is fine, at least half the bloody leg isn't hanging out because for some reason ripped jeans were created but anyway. The jeans are also a nice, light blue, general jean color.

These are the type of ripped jeans that I was talking about above-

These are just your classic light blue, cuffed, mom jeans. Like, I just love the color of these jeans and I do this a lot with clothes online, they look really good on the model so I'm like yes but then that isn't how they look on my, but even though they look amazing on the model, I'm still hoping that I'll look like that. Also, they have no rips in them!

I think the only reason why I like these jeans is because the model looks perfect in them. They do have rips in them but I can live with that, but I just hate it when half the leg is out or it has rips all down the leg, like ugh. The color of these jeans is also that really nice ocean dark blue that I cant imagine it going with any tops that I have, but maybe that means a new top :)

I know, these aren't actually jeans but they are the same thing. I've always wanted a pair of overalls/dungarees and I had one a few years ago from Kmart but it was like a pinafore dress and you couldn't really move it in but these are shorts. They do have small rips and cuffed but I can live with that amount of rips.

Just a little note, I have not been asked or payed to say anything about these, I just actually really like these clothes and are hoping to purchases them sooner or later but knowing me it will be probably later.
Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, if you enjoyed it please let me know because I think this could be a new series. If you purchase any of these products, please tag me on Instagram, @em_blogs or by e-mail, I love you all to Neptune and back, but until next time, bye
Em blogs signing off

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