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Friday, 15 December 2017

#christmaswithemblogs Gift Ideas- Female edition

Hey Chickens,
As we all know, Christmas is coming up very soon and that means Christmas shopping needs to be done. Some people get it all out of the way early in December or in the year while, people like me, decided to wait until a week before Christmas. If you are like me or are wanting to pick up some extra goodies than this is perfect for you!

PS- I'm not going to chose any online websites only because most of the shipping dates for it to come in time for Christmas have been passed and I don't want any being stuck without a present to be giving. All of these items you can purchase in-store
Also this is a female edition- I will be coming out with a male edition as well but it is going to be different to this style

UNDER $10-
Models Prefer eyeshadow tins- Priceline
There are other colours in this range but I've just linked one below so you know what it actually is

Palmers mini travel set- Priceline

Soap and Glory bath bomb-

UNDER $20-
Bare Minerals lipgloss set

Ren mini bath oil
I'm not quite sure, but I think they have a few different types of these on the Mecca website

Smashbox eyes gift set
Smashbox also has this in a lip set

I was going to keep going up with the price ranges like under $30 and under $50 but I thought if you have 30 plus dollars to spend, than I'm pretty sure you can find the person your buying a present for something. This was for more if you are on a budget and need gift ideas.
Another great gift idea is giftcards if you don't want to give someone money because it is a little bit more meaningful than money. Also I'm not saying there is anything wrong with giving someone money, I know I love getting money because then I can purchase what I would like.

Also, I haven't included anything from Kmart, but, if you go into the gifts section online they actually divided the different category into price ranges. Kmart's Kris Kringle section has some really good and cheap joke presents.
You'll notice that is blogpost has more girly, makeup skincare items and I'm not trying to gender anything but I've aimed this at the section of women that like makeup and that like skincare and all not, I'm not saying that every female likes this stuff, it is just for those who do. And the same is going to be for my male gift guide, it's hard to provide gift ideas for every different types of people.

This year Christmas is on a Monday, so I will be posting my regular Merry Christmas blogpost than the night after that on boxing day, I'll try and get my Xmas presents blogpost up. Than from the Wednesday to the Saturday, I'm going to try and post all my favourites from 2017 like books, makeup, skincare, films etc. Than on New Years Eve I'm going to post a reflection of the year than New Years Day I'm going to post my goals and just generally stuff for the year.

Sadly, our time has come to an end. Thank-you all so much for reading gift guide blogpost, tomorrow night I'm going to try and and post a male gift guide. I do really hope that this helped you in some sort of way, if it was helpful, be sure to tell me because I love feedback. I love you all to Jupiter and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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