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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Favourite Books of 2017

Hey Chickens,
Tonights blogpost, like yesterdays, is another one of my 2017 favourites except this time it is for books! I have read a lot of books this year, some I actually own and some I have borrowed from Libraries but I want to share with you my favourite books that I have read this year. Enough trying make a long enough intro, lets get started.


Just quickly, I know that the middle picture isn't in the center, it is probably annoying some of you, it is annoying me but it won't go in the middle for some reason.

  • The Protected- Claire Zorn
  • The Sky So Heavy- Claire Zorn
  • Cry Blue Murder- Kim Kane & Marion Roberts 
  • Crush- Eve Ainsworth 
  • Third Day The Frost- John Marsden 
  • So Much To Tell You- John Marsden 
  • Letters From The Inside- John Marsden
  • Dark Room- Tom Becker 
  • Flesh and Blood- Simon Cheshire 
And last but certainly not least is:
The Outsiders by S.E Hinton
You may be wondering, Emma why have you out this seperatly. Well, I have done this because this book (apart from Fourteen Bears: Summer and Winter and a few other fantastic childhood books) is honestly my all time favourite book. I got this book at the end of November and in a month I have read it twice and that may seem tame to some of you but I am a slow reader because I get distracted and my mind wanders so I have to read back over things and yeah, but I love this book, I love S.E Hintons writing and I just think this is such an awesome book.

There was some things that I was going to write about in this post, just like general stuff but I haven't pre-written any blogposts so far this week so I have been writing and editing on the day. You may be wondering why this is a problem, well, I am currently in a very serious Monopoly game and we have just had a break to have dinner but this game is intense and I don't know how long I will have but tomorrows blogpost will probably be a bit longer.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, your support has been so lovely and high (I don't know how to word this) this year and it just makes my heart warm to know that some people out there in the world are reading my blogposts for enjoyment. I do hope you enjoyed this post, if you have read any of these books comment down below what you thought of them or comment down below what you favourite books of 2017 were. Anyway, I love you all to Neptune and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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