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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Favourite Films of 2017

Hey Chickens,
Todays blogpost is going to be my last installment of my 2017 favourites mini series. I will be covering films in this post and honestly this post is going to be a little bit different to the other ones. I don't have a picture for these movies because I don't own all of them but I was thinking about adding a link for each film on like IMDB under it but I'll figure it all out. Basically, I'm going to stop talking and get into this post.

Baby Driver


The Wedding Singer

Happy Gilmore

The Outsiders

Dangerous Minds

Hot Fuzz

White Chicks

Lord of the Rings trilogy 

These are all of the films that I can remember loving from this year, there are probably more but it is kinda hard to remember every movie that I have liked this year because 12 months is a long time to remember every single film you have watched. 
Because I'm feeling like adding more to this post, I am going to add the T.V shows I've loved this year. Again, these are just what come to my mind when I'm writing this and there are probably more shows. 

The Walking Dead (Lets be real, I want ever stop loving this show)

South Park

American Horror Story 

Regular Show

Stranger Things

Another thing is with films and books is I find it hard to do it like once a year or once a month because if I find a book or movie I like, I'm not going to just stop reading/watching it after the year I discovered it. Like, I will watch all of these films next year and most likely love them just as much.

                                                      !!!Spoilers for the film Before I Fall!!!

Now, I also want to talk about the WORST film I saw this year and I will go as far to say, it is the worst film I have seen, like ever. You may be wondering what this movie is well it is called- Before I Fall. Honestly, this movie was so depressing but I do understand the message that it was trying to send out and all of the underlining messages in the story-line. But this is aimed at teenagers and I don't want to watch something that deep and dark. I am a teenager myself and I just want to watch fun, stupid films and all of this deep stuff is shoved down our throats everywhere, from school, from adults, from social media and I don't want to go and watch films like that. 
If you have seen Before I Fall, you may be thinking, Emma you are so closed minded, this is a serious topic and your saying it shouldn't be talked about. You know what screw it, I'm going to add a spoiler alert above but I think Suicide is such a serious topic and I do care about it and I do think we need to talk about it more and not make it a taboo topic to talk about because we need to bring light to Suicide, Depression and Mental health. It's just, I like stupid, silly, funny movies and this movie wasn't for me. Maybe if I was older, I might appreciate it more, but I do care about the message in this story-line.

                                                                  Spoilers are over 

I can't believe this is going to be my last kinda fun, stupid blogpost for 2017. Tomorrows blogpost is going to be my end of year reflection blogpost and I've already written half of it and honestly, it does get really personal but I think it is coming along quite nicely.
Now, I'll be posting that blogpost in the morning tomorrow because as I've already said like a thousand times, I'm staying in the CBD for New Years Eve so I won't have any wifi apart from my data on my phone (there isn't a lot of that) to post my blogpost later in the day or in the evening. I'll post something on Instagram saying Happy New Years around 12 or whatever but apart from that I won't be very active. Also, my going into the New Year blogpost will be going up when I get home and have wifi on New Years Day, so that is just some heads up if you wanted it.

Thank-you all so very much for reading this blogpost, hopefully you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy this little mini series I did of my 2017 Favourites, be sure to tell me somehow so I know if you guys want more stuff like that next year. Also, comment down below what your favourite film or films of 2017 were and if you have seen any of the films I mentioned above, comment down below that too! I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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