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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

January (1)- Books

Hey Chickens,
So Today's blogpost is going to be all about books! I don't really have any idea about how I'm going to do this but I've written down a list of books that I've found so far this month and from late December that I like the look of and I'm just gonna share them with you all.With these blogposts they are going to be a bit all over the place because I'll be giving little descriptions on some of the books while I might have read some of the books already. I'm also going to be dong a blogpost like this but with music and films that I've been watching/listening to. Anyway, enough rambling, lets get into it.

So these are the books that I've found these past couple of months and I am interested in them and want to read them-
  • Rumble Fish- S.E Hinton 
  • That was Then, This is Now- S.E Hinton
  • The Chocolate War- Robert Cormier
  • No Turning Back- Beverly Naidoo
  • Goodbye, Rebel Blue- Shelley Coriell 
  • The Last Place on Earth- Carol Snow
  • One of Us is Lying- Karen McManus
  • Stone Cold- Robert Swindells 
I have wanted to read all of S.E Hinton's books since I read The Outsiders which I got for my birthday and that's at the end of November. I have actually read Rumble Fish but when I was home alone one day and I just decided to borrow (without asking) my brothers copy because he has all of her books and I loved it but I did like rush through it because I wanted to finish that day and didn't know when my Brother or my Mum was getting home. I have the same situation with That was then, This is now. I started reading my brothers copy when I was home alone and I haven't had another chance to read it yet.

Last night I actually ordered five of these books so I can do little book reviews after I've read them. I want to do more blogposts to do with books this year because I love reading so much and I love sharing with people when I find a truly amazing author like S.E Hinton or a really good book. Anyway, the books I ordered were Rumble Fish, That was Then, This is Now, The Chocolate War, Stone Cold and Goodbye, Rebel Blue. They will probably come next week but have a look on my Instagram because I'll post about them on there when I get them. 

The book One of Us is Lying, when I was reading the description on Booktopia the first part of it sounds like The Breakfast Club and I was just thinking like this is a rip-off of The Breakfast Club then I kept reading it and my whole mindset changed because one of the characters get killed (that isn't a spoiler, it has it in the books description) and I was just like omg, where can I get myself a copy. To me, it is like The Breakfast Club like modern day/crime version.

Another book that I can't wait to read is No Turning Back and I'll let you go and read the description of the book but I've never personally seen a YA book like that and I haven't read a book like that (yet). I feel like it will be a very powerful and moving book to read and I just reckon I'm going to really like this book.

The Chocolate War is another book that I found out about from my brother because when I was looking for Rumble Fish (basically my brother has a stack of books in his room that he reads there is only like a few though) and I found this book and I read the blurb and I was very interested. I haven't read anything from this book but like I said before, I have ordered it. 

Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, hopefully you enjoyed it. You'd never know this if I didn't tell you but it is currently 7:05 and I have been trying to write this blogpost since about 2:30, so I've been trying to write this blogpost for around 5 hours. Comment down below if you have read any of these books and if you enjoyed them or a book you want to read at the moment. Anyway, I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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