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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Exposing Instagram + New Makeup

Hey Chickens,
Todays blogpost isn't really going to have much structure or meaning to it because I'm just going to be rambling really. As you can tell by the title I'll be exposing Instagram, and talking about something to do with new makeup and I will be talking about Poptropica and some geeky type stuff. Anyway, if you're interested keep reading, if not, still read it cause you're gonna like it.

You may be wondering, Emma, how are you going to be exposing Instagram. Well, it is nothing to crazy like I found Zoellas private account (That's a good clickbait title) but it still is pretty like eye-opening kinda, I don't know how to explain it. It is basically buying fake followers on Instagram and fake likes and also having people like running your account trying to attract people. Now you may be thinking, first of all, we all know you can buy fake Instagram followers because we saw Shane Dawson's video on it and second of all how do you know this. Well, we all know that this does happen but it may be happening more than you think and to people you wouldn't except. I get the same emails on like a weekly basis from the same company's offering me to sign up for Instagram followers and all that shit but sometimes they included accounts that they say have 'worked with them'. I'm not going to be saying any company names or any peoples Instagrams that were mentioned in some of the emails because I actual don't know if these people did buy followers and/or likes. Another thing I mentioned was companies running peoples Instagram accounts and this isn't to like strange like people obviously run like big celebrities accounts but I'm a fourteen year old blogger from Australia with 1.3k followers, I'm not Kylie Jenner. I did think it was strange that companies would email me wanting to get people to run my account because I'm a small blogger.
If you think I'm being ungrateful for receiving emails from companies that do stuff like this. I'm not, I just don't really understand it all that much like why would anyone want to buy followers. I do want to disclose that I haven't accepted any of these emails, I just do this for fun like I'm not going to go all professional. 

This is what most of you are probably here for but this little section is about new makeup. I haven't actual brought any makeup in 2018 so far (it's only been 7 days) but I brought two new eye-shadow palettes literally a few days before Christmas and if you saw my 'What I got for Christmas' blogpost then you would have seen I got some makeup for Christmas. I was thinking about putting all of these products together and doing like a massive review blogpost. I also want to do a review on the Nude by Nature brush set that I got for Christmas, I don't actual know if that is still available or not- I just checked the Priceline website, they didn't have it on there but they might still sell it somewhere else. This year with makeup want to try NYX, Too Faced and more products from Australis and Maybelline. Although I really want to buy some of the products that I've put into my 'Makeup first reaction' blogposts so I can compare what my first opinion was to trying the product and seeing what it actual is like. 
Considering I started talking about Blogposts I might just mention a few things now quickly. Over the next week I'm going to upload a blogpost about films and music that I've just kinda got into recently like since 2018 and the last week of 2017 because I'm going to be completely honest, 90s and 80s movies are quite good, like two of my all time favourite movies were from the 80s and 90s. In 2018 I want to do more book blogposts like review books and talking about books because if you didn't know I actually love reading. 

If there are any makeup products, books, films, skincare products or even clothes that you would like me to buy and talk about/review on my blog comment then down below. Please use your brain and keep it reasonable like don't go comment review Sunday Riley because sure, their products are probably amazing but where am I getting $132 dollars for a f**king face oil and the same with clothes where am I going to get like $3,000 bucks for talk about the quality of a Gucci jumper. 
You may have noticed I used ** those things in the middle of a certain word above, the reason for that is because the other week I had a 9-year-old dm me on Instagram saying she loves my blog and I felt really warm inside then it hit me some of the language I use so yeah. If you were wondering, in person, away from the computer I do swear like a sailor. Yes, I say the F word, that doesn't make me a bad person. There is two words I stay away from, you may know what two words I'm talking about, if not, I'm not going to say them.

In geeky type stuff, Walker Stalker is going to be in Melbourne in around like 6 weeks and I'm so excited. If you didn't already know, I'm going to the Walker Stalker Con in Melbourne and I can't bloody wait. Today I'm going to get a ticket to get a photo with Austin Amelio who plays Dwight and omg, I just want it to be here. I'm not going to be telling you what day I went until after the event and this may sound stupid but if I posted a photo before I went to the event and I was wearing a green denim jacket for an example you may be going, see a teenage girl wearing a green denim jacket and go that is Em Blogs. It sounds so stupid and I was going to say it made sense in my head but I didn't even made sense in my head. Also, omg, Poptropica. Did anyone ever used to play that or you may still play it. I literally just discovered it Today and created a new account and actually started playing it and it was so weird to think that when I was in around year 2 and year 3, Poptropica was such a big part of my life, I even had the DSI Poptropica game. Lets just say I was very invested in Poptropica and it annoys me I can't remember my old login stuff.

Here's a fun fact, I've been writing this blogpost for over 2 hours, you would never think that because honestly wait hang on, I take that back this blogpost is pretty long and I did come up with everything off the top of my head, like I didn't have any type of guideline or anything. I started writing this blogpost at 2:30 this afternoon and it is now 4:50 and I still have to go through and edit it or I may just keep it 'raw' because I don't want to edit, you'll be able to tell which one I choose. 

Thank-you all so much for reading this long and without a cause (who do I think I am, trying to sound cool if I was from like 2008) blogpost. Hopefully you enjoyed it and hopefully you are excited for the type of blogposts that will be coming out in 2018. Remember to comment down below some products you would like me to buy (within reason) and talk about on here. Anyway, I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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