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Monday, 15 January 2018

January (1)- Movies

Hey Chickens,
Today's blogpost is going to be very similar to my last post which was about books that I've been interested in at the moment but this post is going to be about films that I've been interested in and liking at the moment. Enough rambling, lets get started. Also I just want to add, I'm finding it really hard to word things in this post so if it sounds weird or doesn't make sense, that is why.

In January, I have been watching a fair few films from the 80s and 90s. Some of them are pretty dodgy but once you get past that, they are actually just all fun movies. With some YA films now, they are all so depressing and I've said this before but I hate depressing movies because when I watch a movie I want to laugh and smile and wonder to myself how some male actors can be so hot, but that is just my opinion. I re-watched (for about the 5th time now) the Back To The Future trilogy and this is just such a classic, you can't go wrong with it.

I watched Friday and The Breakfast club both for the first time. Friday was a good movie, I did like it but the only problem is not much happens in it until the end and it goes for an hour and a half so when your watching it, it feels like you've been watching the movie for 3 hours because it's slow moving, but I did like it. The Breakfast Club, omg, I loved it. I loved the whole movie, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez were so good in it and I just loved how realistic it was and I don't think it's outdated at all. Speaking of Emilio Estevez, I've watched The Outsiders again this month, I just love the movie so much and I can't fault it because everything about it is perfect. And because we are on the topic of S.E Hinton, I tried to watch Rumble Fish on YouTube but some of the frame of the film was cut-out and the movie is in black and white. Now, I get why it's in black and white, it's to do with the story but I found it really hard to concentrate and I only got half way through but I did think the movie was really good. Matt Dillon is just such a good actor and was (in my opinion) very good looking back in the 80s so he did such a good job in the film.

Now to some action type films, I watched Point Break for the first time last night and I liked the movie, I thought it was really good except the ending was pretty shit. I was thinking when I was watching it that Patrick Swayze was just generally a really cool guy. Like you look at him and think he's a cool guy and also I do love him. I also watched Days of Thunder which is a car racing movie and it was good but I couldn't stop thinking about Tom Cruise and how half normal he looks in this movie. In my mind I was just picturing him in The Outsiders to Days of Thunder to The Mummy and how at the start he looks like a normal human and now, well, he has had a fair bit of plastic surgery done, lets just say.

Lets move onto some comedy movies shall we. The other week I watched The Lego Batman Movie for the second time and I couldn't stop laughing. Enough though it is marketed as a kids movies, I reckon half the jokes are for like adults because half of it I wouldn't have laughed at when I was younger but it's a pretty bloody funny film. The Cornetto Trilogy, holy shit, these are some of the funniest films ever. I watched Shaun of the Dead a few years ago and just before New Years I watched Hot Fuzz and we have to be honest, the greater good is happening somewhere in Victoria. Then around two weeks ago I watched The Worlds End and that is so funny although near the end it does get a bit serious but then it goes back to being funny. The funniest out of the three are Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End.

I'm actually surprised that this has even gone up because like I mentioned at the start, I just didn't know how to put everything into words and it was all sounding quite stupid. This was going to be a combined post with music that I've been liking but this post is already really long without that so I might do that was a separate blogpost this week- I'll do a poll on my Instagram about it. Also, in my last post I said that I had ordered some books of Booktopia and they came in on Friday so I'll be talking about them in a post sometime this week.

Thank-you all so very much for reading this blogpost, if you got this fair, well done. I don't know how often I'm going to be posting this week but next week I'm going to be uploading every single day on Back to School blogposts. I hope you enjoyed this, sorry that it got a bit long but I wanted to talk about heaps of films. Anyway, I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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