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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Makeup, My First Reaction 4 + YouTubers

Hey Chickens,
So today I'm doing yet another makeup my first reaction/first impressions blogpost. I honestly love doing these because what I'm writing has nothing influencing it. I don't own these products or the most I have done is test them in store on my hand and when I write these blogposts, I don't use reviews as a source, I simply just look at the products and write what I think of it. 

In my last Makeup My First Reaction blogpost, What Lexie Loves commented saying that if I was to ever buy these maybe I could do a blogpost on it them compare my first reaction to the review, so I guess I'll save up come coin of mine and buy some of these makeup products so I can do that because I really loved the idea.
Go check out her blog here cause like, I know you want to do it and I love her blog so much honestly

Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost Eyeshadow Palette-
I've been seeing this palette everywhere recently and I thought I would look into it and my god, isn't it beautiful. I love the mix between warm tones and neutral tones in the palette although I do think that there needs to be more matte shades so you can use the whole palette with all the shades instead of using a matte shade in another palette. The array of colours in the palette are so pretty and they all go together but in my opinion, the matte black shade is a bit awkward. I've heard that the colours are pigmented but I can't commented on that myself. The price of this palette is very good, on the Beauty Bay website it is $39.60 AUD and you get 35 shades in the palette so like that is a good price to me.
Morphe website-
Beauty Bay website-

Normally in these posts I will do around 3 or 4 makeup products but I wasn't feeling any other products to do a reaction on so I thought I'll just leave it at one. I do want to introduce you all to a YouTuber who I have been watching for a few months now and I honestly think he is one of the best YouTubers; I have actually mentioned him before but I'm just going to do more on him now.

This YouTuber I am talking about is JaackMaate-
He basically makes funny, take the piss videos about other YouTubers and just general things. He's a smaller YouTuber (500,000) and I just love his videos so much. They always make me laugh but also, he seems really down to earth and doesn't take things to seriously which I love even more. If you do get easily offended over everything then I wouldn't watch his videos because they aren't for you if you can't take a joke.
In his looks, he minds me if Steve Buscemi and Simon Pegg had a kid. When I first came across his channel, he really reminded me of someone and I honestly thought he had been in a film but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I watched Hot Fuzz a couple of weeks ago and it came to me like honestly, Jack reminds me so much of Simon Pegg to the looks and they way they talk.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, I always appreciate your support in whatever way it is. I do hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I don't even really know what it ended up being but I kinda like it, comment down below if you think I should do more posts like this or not. I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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  1. thanks for mentioning by blog Emma!! and yes you introduced me to JackMaate and he is hilarious! I really want to try a Morphe palette too<3

    Lexie x