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Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Years Eve 2018

Hey Chickens,
So for New Years Eve 2018/2017 (I have no idea which one it is) I stayed in the Melbourne's CBD. I had the most amazing time and I did an Instagram story poll which was if you wanted to see a kinda follow me around blogpost for the night. I took a fair few pictures and nobody said no on my Instagram story so here is this blogpost.

I stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel just down from the Exhibition Center in Docklands in the standard rooms, nothing too fancy. I've stayed at Crown Plaza twice now and their staff are so nice, they all said Happy New Year when we were leaving and entering the Hotel and they were just so lovely. The room quality was really good, I mean their was a bit of damage but I don't care about that stuff although I have no idea what was up with the pillows and beds. Honestly, one of the pillows felt like a bloody rock is was that hard and the beds were comfy, don't get me wrong but like why are they hard. Honestly though, I love Crown Plaza Hotel, it is just a lovely facility (I think I've used that word wrong).


Those are just some photos from the room and of the hotel + pool from the room I was staying in window. I actually had such a nice view from where my room was placed- I could see all the buildings and the beautiful looking hotel The Grand Hotel honestly it is such a nice, old looking building.
When we got into the CBD we didn't really know what to do for lunch/dinner so my Brother and I convinced my mum to ring up and see if we could get a table booked at San Antone. Now, the last time we went to San Antone was for my Brothers 18th which was actually the last time we stayed at Crown Plaza. We got a table fore like 4:15pm so we chilled in the room for an hour then headed over to Crown to have our late lunch/early dinner. We got a booth which was so good because we all love sitting in booths at restaurants. I have heaps of pictures of my brother and stuff but I can't put them in this post but I did get pictures of the food and holy shit, there food at San Antone is amazing. If you are going to be in Melbourne for any reason, find any way possible to go to San Antone because you won' t regret it. Obviously the food was amazing.

We walked up to SouthGate after that, had a drink there then walked back down Southbank decided what to do for the rest of the night. I also had heeled boots on so I was walking around with no shoes on because I had blisters and my feet were killing me. We had decided what we were going to do and then we went back to the rooms then we went out did what we decided to do then we went back to our rooms again to get ready for the night. We left our rooms for the night around 9 or 10, I honestly can't remember and we went over back to Crown and found Galactic Circus/Playtime and it was so busy and we just walked around and decided to come back after the fireworks because it was open to like 2 in the morning. We watched the fireworks on one of the bridges that was closed off (I have no idea what it was called but it was a bridge along Southbank) and the were so good, I honestly though that they were so good and argh I loved this night so much. Then  after the amazing fireworks and spending half an hour in a huge group of people on Southbank where you literally couldn't move (that was fun) we went back into Crown and my god did they have those heaters pumping. It was so hot in there and we were going to go back to Playtime but how hot Crown was, it was just making us all feel sick. We then decided to go back the next day and we got Kebabs from this Kebab and pizza shop between where Crown Plaza and The Grand Hotel/ 7/11 are and honestly they sold the best kebabs and HSP ever, like I got a HSP and it was the best I ever have had. Then we went back to the rooms and ate them there.

We all went to sleep at really late times and all three of us had around 3 hours sleep each. By the time we checked out and put all of our bags into the car it was like 12:30 (during the day) and we walked back into Crown because that's where we parked the car and got some lunch. Also my Mum woke up at like 6 and walked down to 7/11 and brought donuts and orange juices so like cheers Mum for that. After lunch we decided to go back to Playtime, Galactic Circus thing and nobody was there so we just played around on the games for about an hour then after that we decided to head home.

So that was my run through of my New Years Eve night. I honestly had the best time ever, I'm so grateful and lucky to have gone and like 4/5 days later I'm still on a high from it like it was just so good. My Mum had actually already booked for New Years Eve this year so I can't wait to do it all again.

Thank you so much for reading this blogpost, I hope you enjoyed it. The next time I'll be doing one of these will be in February for Walker Stalker! I'm sorry this blogpost was quite long with a lot of writing and not many pictures to break it up. I love you all to Jupiter and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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