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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Melbourne Walker Stalker Con 2018

Hey Chickens,
Yesterday I went to the first ever Walker Stalker Con in Melbourne. I didn't post anything on my Instagram story because I was so happy and so excited about the whole entire day, I didn't even think about doing it. Basically, this was one of the best days of my life and I'll never forget it. I really hope Walker Stalker Con comes back down to Australia next year because this was so good and I would love to go again.

This post won't have a lot of pictures mainly because I have a fair few pictures of myself and I don't want to show my face as I like to keep my identity private. If you haven't seen any pictures from Australian Walker Stalkers than out the front they had a look a like of the front gates to Alexandria and they had the sign.  
I saw almost every single panel for the Saturday event- I saw the Alexandria crew, King Ezekiel, The OG crew and I watched part of the Hilltop panel. I didn't see Katelyn Nacon singing but I did hear her. I got a few photos of the actors at the panels and I was really surprised. Tara is one of my favourite characters (they all basically are my favourites) and I didn't really like Alanna Masterson. I did really like Tyler James Williams and if you didn't know, he was in a Lab Rats episode so the year 4 Emma inside me was screaming because I loved Lab Rats. I loved seeing Scott Wilson because who didn't like Hershel but the person who surprised me the most was Irone Singleton because he was just really cool. He shared a bit of his childhood and I found it very inspirational. I'm pretty sure he grew up in Atlanta and he was a crack dealer (if you don't know what crack is, it's a drug) and he didn't know his father and his mother was addicted to crack and what he was saying was just so inspirational. No surprise here, I loved King Ezekiel (I don't know how to spell his real name), he was just such a confident and open guy- it was the same with Irone Singleton. Something that was really funny was in the OG crew panel, Michael Rooker came out onto the stage and got the crowd going about if T-Dog dropped the key in the first season on purpose of if it was an accident. Thinking about it, in the Alexandria crew panel, some guy was asking a question for the guy who plays Aaron and he had mistaken him or Tom Payne, the guy who plays Jesus, then to make it worse when Tom Payne was on a panel, they mentioned the same guy and it was soo funny.

I got a photo op with Austin Amelio and holy shit, it is my favourite photo ever. My makeup looks flawless in it, which I love. I'm a very pale person and it's funny cause Austin Amelio and I are like the same paleness. He was so nice and I just can't get over that I got to see him as well as meet him especially because Dwight is one of my favourite characters. I also got a selfie with Steven Ogg (When I went to go write that and whenever I think of Steven Ogg for some reason I think Simon Pegg instead of him but anyway), Irone Singleton and Michael Cudlitz. When I had a selfie with Irone Singleton, he asked what grade I was in and I'm in Year 9 and then he started asking me about my grades. I do kinda try at school and my grades aren't the best so he said to me to keep working at it and keep trying and to just keep going because it will work out and I really like that because whenever I think this is so shit, I don't know how I'm gonna do it, I'll think of what he said because it really stuck with me. 

At the Walker Stalker place, they had this little stand that were selling icy-poles and they were $5 bucks but it was amazing. I got the Watermelon one and if you ever see them at an event, please go and buy one because you will not regret it. All around the building, they had different places with walkers you could go and have a photo. They also had a bike to represent Darrell's bike and they had the leather jacket with the wings on the back. Foxtel had a little section which was playing Walking Dead episodes and they had a few cool pictures in that area.
Another really cool thing was, we parked where the rides normally are when the Royal Melbourne Show is there. Before then, I had only been to the Melbourne Showgrounds for the Royal Melbourne Show and I didn't know that there was car parks there and I found that cool. After Walker Stalker, I went back into the city and I got a hsp from the same place I got one on New Years Eve. I also went to 7/11 and got a glazed donut. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of donuts but I bloody love Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, they are amazing. 

 I honestly had the best day. I was just so lucky that I got to even see the actors and I've got to meet and have a photo with 4 of the Walking Dead cast is just a dream come true. I'm not trying to brag about my day or anything, I've said this before but I like to write these posts to look back on and you guys seem to enjoy reading these posts. Thank-you Walker Stalker Con for putting on such a great event and thank-you to all the current and past Walking Dead actors that came out to the land down under.

Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, if you went to Walker Stalker Con in Australia, comment down below or dm me if you enjoyed it- like I said, I had the best day ever. Remember to go check out my last blogpost which I posted on Wednesday and it is a review on the new Maze Runner movie. I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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