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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Moomba 2018

Hey Chickens,
I know, this is my first blogpost in literally like almost a month and on Instagram I've like havent been active but anywayyyyy. Ahh no, if you want to know why I might explain at the end of this post but if I don't I will be doing like an update post next week and I'll go into depth. Anyway, on Saturday like a few weeks ago I went to Moomba and into the city for the day and I thought I would share my day with you all. If you don't know what Moomba is basically it is a cheaper version of the Melbourne show. It is along the Yarra and it's all open and free to go to. Lets get into this post.

If you were in Melbourne city on that Saturday, you would know if was really f**king hot, I mean 36 degrees hot. I didn't actually spend that much time at Moomba, maybe 2-3 hours because it was way too hot. I was also wearing jeans so that made it about 10 times worse but they were ripped. I actually think I spent most of the day at Southgate because it was cooler in there and I love that place because they have everything you need. I also got some Maccas at the start of the day if you wanted to know, it was a nutritional breakfast. Also like Presha Fruit had a stall again it was the anniversary of finding one the best drinks on the planet.

We (meaning my brother, my mum and I) were going to go back home early but it was way too hot so we decided to stay in the city for Dinner. If you read my New Years Eve blogpost then you would have read about this restaurant type food place in Crown. My brother had decided to shout as all out for dinner there and it was amazing. I've been there three times now and every single time the food has been bloody amazing and everything about the place is good. If you guys ever end up in Crown and have a bit (more like a lot) of extra coin to spent on Dinner or lunch GO TO SAN ANTONE. I can't really remember what we got, it was something like ribs, pulled pork and a brisket but it was all amazing and I loved it. They also have really fantastic ice-cream.

After dinner we were going to go home but then we decided to go to Playtime an I bet my brother at Daytona and Basketball which was such a surprise. I literally don't even know how to drive and I'm the least sporty person you'll meet. We also drew at air hockey and I sent the circle thing you hit across the room, so did my brother. That was fun though, then after that we eventually made it home like 5 hours after we were meant too.

I do just want to say, I'm not trying to brag about any of this, I just wanted to show you my day and what I got up too, even if it was like 3 weeks late. This weekend I might be going to the Flower Show but that is just an idea at the moment. I'm also very sorry for not posting and being so inactive, I am going to have a longish blogpost going up next week or maybe this week about everything that has been happening since mid February.

Thank-you all so much for reading this, hopefully you enjoyed it. I felt so good to be writing this blogpost and I'm happy to be back blogging and writing for you guys and for me. I might have another blogpost up this week but I'm not promising anything, I'm just going to see how everything works out. I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye

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