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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

New makeup brushes, Fear the Walking Dead and New Clothes

Hey Chickens,
My last blogpost was literally about makeup things and tv shows, so I though I would add something else into it. I'm actually currently in class when I'm writing this, so this might be a little short but it is still a blogpost. Also, its May! This year is going so fast and I'm actually really looking forward to the second half of the year because I'll be doing some very fun things. Anyway, lets get right into this blogpost.

I was just looking on the Priceline website and that is what inspired me to write this post. I had notice that there is heaps of makeup brushes that have been brought out and I wanted to share them with everyone because I did get quite excited. There is the new Models Prefer Galaxy brushes and I don't normally buy individual brushes because for me it is better value to buy them as a pack- unless they are elf brushes cause they are cheap and I'm actually thinking about buy one or two of these brushes. I haven't seen them in-store but online the colour just looks so pretty and how its kinda metallic. The price isn't actually too bad either. Real Techniques also have heaps of new brush sets and brush types. Although they are on the pricier side, the money you pay is worth the brush quality. Some of my Real Techniques brushes I've had for over a year and they are still perfectly fine. The hairs don't fall out and after you clean Real Techniques brushes they don't go weird if you know what I mean because with some makeup brushes, after you wash them the hairs of the brush go less softer or something. I really like the look of the Colour correcting 4-pack brushes, but like I said, that pack is $39.99.

Now, last week I got this new bomber jacket in from Supre which is such a beautiful dark red, burgundy colour. I also got some new Vans which are the Vans SK8-Hi in the Retro Sport Gunmetal colour and I honestly love them so much, the colour is so pretty. In Melbourne at the moment it has gotten so cold, especially today so I'm thinking about getting some new clothes because I am definitely not prepared for this bloody cold winter weather.

Fear the Walking Dead. Ahhhhh, what do I say, last week it left me heartbroken with Nicks death and this weeks episode was quite good but it's one of those episodes where you get one answer but have 10 new questions. I think the next few episodes are going to be really good, but I'll have to wait and see. Also, I've been seeing the pictures from The Walking Dead season 9 filming and what has Andrew Lincoln done to his hair. I much preferred him with the shaggy kinda curly hair. I just really hope that they didn't cut his hair because of Carl because yeah his death was sad but I think they a dragging it on a bit, like Maggie isn't going on about Glenns death in every scene. I also have some questions about both shows. Is Dwight going to be in season 9 because it wasn't very clear and I've been seeing some things on the internet, so like Austin Amelio, whats happening. Also, is Daniel alive. It would be weird if he was dead because he was right next to Nick and Nick survived. The first time it was shown Daniel died, I was actually questioning if he had died and I didn't think he did. My Mum and Brother had watched it before me and said that they thought he had just died so it might be something like that again.

Thanks so much for reading this blogpost everyone. This is a bit all over the place but I wrote a decent length blogpost in class without getting caught so that has gotta count for something. The other day I got a new Covergirl X Katy Perry palette (which is so beautiful, thanks Coty) so a review on that will be coming next week. I'm also going to see Infinity War this weekend and I'm very excited, I'll probably just do a little review of that on my Instagram. Hopefully this blogpost made your day a little better. I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye

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